the story behind silo

Silo was a restaurant conceived from a desire to innovate the food industry whilst demonstrating respect: respect for the environment, respect for the way our food is generated and respect for the nourishment given to our bodies. This means that we create everything from its whole form cutting out food miles and over-processing whilst preserving nutrients and the integrity of the ingredients in the process.

Our brewery, Old Tree creates fermented drinks using foraged and intercepted plants, herbs, vegetables and fruit. We have our own flour mill which turns ancient varieties of wheat into flour the original way, opposing over-processed industrialised bread making techniques. We churn our own butter, make our own almond milk, roll our own oats and support a nose to tail ideology, meaning that if an animal dies for food we will maximise the whole beast, respectfully.

Our restaurant furniture and fittings are created from a desire to re-use. We choose up-cycling before recycling. Our furniture is made from materials that would otherwise have been wasted and crafted with innovation to serve function. We have plates formed from plastic bags, tables made from industrial floor tiles, work benches crafted from filing cabinet frames and, yes, we use jam jars for glasses, but for us this is no gimmick, they are plentiful, multi functional, hard-wearing and the not insubstantial energy that would have been used to re-cycle them is saved.

To achieve Zero Waste, all products that are delivered to the restaurant come in re-useable crates, food grade jerry cans, pails, urns or containers. All that isn’t consumed by our customers (or us) is fed into our aerobic digester which can generate up to 60kg of compost in just 24 hours. As our use for it is so minimal due to the way our menu is conceived, we offer its services to our neighbours, both residential and commercial, and that way we can share the benefits of waste reduction across our local community.

We choose to work this way in order to deliver a highly acclaimed menu, fantastic coffee, beautifully baked breads and pastries whilst demonstrating that a truly sustainable food business is viable both financially and ethically. That way, we can encourage the growth of other waste free businesses through collaboration but also simply by demonstrating that it is possible and it works.

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